WaterBear Story

WaterBear is a nameless bear who fell in ice cold water and turned blue. Making friends with Mak, Mak and Waterbear hide from the people in their city, attempting to keep WaterBear's identity a secret.

Mak makes Waterbear a hat to make him feel more like a regular bear. 

Mak makes hats for themself to help Waterbear feel less self conscious. 

Each Waterbear hat has a visual narrative connected to it [as seen on product pages] here are some extra images taken for each section. 

Waterbear story book is in the making. 

[MODELS - CAMILLE @cherish_the_law - ARCHIE @crimescen3]

[MODELS - ALIZARIN @spr1ng_br34kr - NATASHA @selfmade_trustfund - CAMILLE @cherish_the_law]

[PHOTOS TAKEN BY MONET @water____bear + CAMILLE @cherish_the_law]
[MODELS - MONET @water____bear - CAMILLE @cherish_the_law]

[PHOTOS TAKEN BY CAMILLE @cherish_the_law + SJ @publictoylet]
[MODELS - MONET @water____bear - CAMILLE @cherish_the_law]

[PHOTOS TAKEN BY CAMILLE @cherish_the_law + MONET @water_____bear]
[MODELS - HUDSON @laceslaceslaceslaces - KENTA @kenta204]

[If you wish to model/photograph or be involved with WATERBEAR please contact us via instagram or email accessible through contacts tab]

Special thanks to Camille for supporting and helping in the creation of WATERBEAR repeatedly (!)